Mamá Cane is the story of how things can succeed if they are done with love.

Mamá Cane is the story of a great-grandson and a dream.

Mamá Cane is a healthy, tasty, natural, sustainable and high-quality product. It does not contain a single additive and is made from local ingredients purchased directly from the producer. They are truly committed to the revitalization of the rural culture and identity of the Canary Islands, using the native varieties of a local product and traditional agricultural techniques.

Mamá Cane has selected potatoes from the delicious varieties from the "Ancient Canarian Potatoes" and "wrinkled" them with organic sea salt from the salt pond of Fuencaliente. After that, they sell them vacuum-packed and ready to serve. Their recipe is simple, traditional and perfect for the most demanding customers.

While being cooked, they present a mild and fresh scent of roasted cereals. After cooked, they have a creamy texture and a flavour reminiscent of nuts.

With Mamá Cane, you will be able to prepare delicious entrées, side dishes and appetizers with just one product. This saves you time and you will be serving a high-quality dish that's 100 % healthy.