feel at home

Two brothers with a shared vocation: Making you feel at home. We want to be there for you and help you have the nicest stay possible. You can count on us.




Getting ready for your arrival

• Communication

We are at your disposal and will be glad to answer all your questions via email. Remember that many of our guests have had the same small doubts you might have now... So maybe you'll be able to find some help in the answers we've provided them with. 

• Languages

We speak Spanish and English, but Google Translate is always there in case we need it.

• Cleanliness

Before you check-in, we make sure the cleaning staff has left the apartment in perfect conditions, just the way we would like to find it ourselves.

• Control

We take care of oil, vinegar, salt, sugar, water, shampoo and shower gel... In other words: All the essentials so you don't have to make a quick stop at the supermarket right after your arrival.


You are already home

• Assistance

In case our directions are not enough, we will provide you with a contact phone number so you can give us a call. Don't worry! We will come to your rescue! 

• Welcome

We love welcoming and meeting our guests. This is the part we enjoy the most. At your arrival, we will welcome you personally to show you around the house, explain how everything works and give you a map of the island. And, of course, to hand you the keys.

• Emergencies

In case of emergency, you can call as many times as you need. If we are not available at the time, please be patient: We try to do big things, but there are only two of us... ;-)

• Check-out

You don't have to worry about a thing. If you've been a good guest, just leave the keys on the table and close the door behind you.

I'M Adán.

I love the mountain. I can recommend some hiking or bike tours.

And I am Pablo.

I'm in the water as often as I can. You can ask me anything you want about the ocean.



We want you to fall in love with our island. This is why we'll be sharing with you our experiences about Tenerife, so you can enjoy your holidays differently, just like a real local resident would do.




The other side of Tenerife

Just like a coin, this island has two faces. And this is hard to believe! The dry and arid coast slowly starts to come to life. Can you imagine seeing black sand beaches with palm trees, pine forests and snow on top of the mountains, all at the same time? Welcome to the North!


Roads towards the sky

Tenerife wouldn't be the same without Mount Teide. With an elevation of 3,718 m above sea level, it dominates the whole island. Get ready to discover the highest point in Spain. Watching the sunrise from its peak is really something!


Do you know what a guachinche is?

Papas arrugadas and mojo, gofio, carne fiesta, fried fish... Are you hungry? We can give you suggestions on where to find the best local produce, authentic dishes we are proud of, peculiar places we would describe as good, nice and cheap. Let's go and eat!


Avoiding sunbeds

Tired of overcrowded beaches and ending up even more stressed after leaving the beach than after a day at the office? We have an alternative. I you don't mind moving around, we can give you directions to get to isolated beaches and rock pools where you can find peace. But you must not tell anyone. It's a secret... ;-)


To each his own...

Which sports can you practice in an island with see and beaches, wind and waves, forests and mountains? You are in luck: You can practice almost any sport any time of the year... If you are the adrenaline type, you just need your will. We will help you have a great time!


We know how it's done!

Tenerife sells sun all year round. However, there is much more to it. You will fall in love with its culture, its people and, especially, with its festivals. We never miss the possibility of getting together and celebrating our romerías. And what about carnival? Life is full of glitter!